Writing Terms

Thesis Statement-
this statement is the controlling idea of a paper that proves a point and is constestable; the paper supports this statement

Topic Sentence- this statement is the controlling idea for the individual paragraph that it resides over; it supports the thesis

Clincher Statement- this statement restates the topic sentence in a different manner and confirms the topic sentence; leads into the next paragraph

Major Supports- these are the main, overhanging ideas that support the topic sentence of the paragraph, and further support the thesis

Minor supports- these are the small ideas that support the major supports which support the topic sentence of the paragraph, and further support the

Transitions- transitions are the words and phrases that keep the words, sentences and paragraphs flowing from one idea to the next idea

Coherence/unity- these two terms work hand in hand in that coherent writing ties each sentence together so that there is no sentence left without a purpose; this creates the unity of paper

Grammar Terms

8 parts of speech-
nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunction, interjection

Phrases- a group of words that contain either a subject or a verb but not both

Clauses- a group of words that contain both a subject and a verb with the subject actively doing the verb

Passive Voice- form of the verb "be" + past participle= passive voice -when the subject of the sentence is not actively doing the action

Parallel Structure- using the same word or words to show that each part of a group of words is equally important
EX- Sally knew that in order to pass the class she would need to study, to be alert, and to participate.

Literary Terms

making a non human object have human qualities

Imagery- "paint a picture of words" using descriptions to "paint" an image into the reader's mind

Foreshadow- hinting at a future event

Simile- comparison using like or as

Metaphor- comparison not using like or as

Allusion- comparison or similarity to another character, object or idea from another story

Conflict- a struggle between either a character and another character, a character and a force or a character and themself