Coures Reflections

Which of our three goals do you feel you improved upon the most?
I believe I most improved on my writing. My coherence and context and purpose for writing have all dramatically increased. I now understand why I need to include ideas and why I should not include some ideas.
(Better reader, better writer, or better speaker and listener?)

How has this course helped me to become a more caring, competent, contributing citizen in an ever-changing global community?

This course has better prepared for the "real world" by providing useful insight to why we are here, why we need to learn to to read, write, listen and talk, and why we should care about what we do.

What will you take away from this class? What will you remember?
I will most definitely take away the great discussions we had in this class. They were always a lot of fun and always insightful. I will remember most the teacher who allowed for a great, controlled, fun atmosphere and expanded our insight on not only the English language, but also the world we live in, Mr. Hershey.

Self Evaluation

Did you achieve your personal goals for this course?
As far as I know, I have acheived my goals.

Did you give your personal best? I did not give my personal best, although I can say I did put a lot of effort and time into the class.

What could you do to improve your performance? I think I could have paid more attention when reading the books, but that is always a problem I have in English class.

Thanks for a great semester, Mr. Hershey!